We have customers from a variety of industries, which means that the requests and wishes are often unique. Our goal is always to come up with solutions and proposals that match the customer's needs, whether it is one or one hundred flight cases.

We strive to develop our products and manufacturing processes, and over the years we have developed solutions that have often become classics and are still appropriate today.

In the following, we briefly present our unique solutions that meet the requirements we set for basic structures.

In addition to these, you can also get traditional-looking transport boxes from us if you wish.

Aluminium profile system: 3 lightweight profiles that do not impose any size restrictions

Plywood: 4 mm plywood or lightweight board

Signum: Lighter equipment up to 40kg

Aluminium profile system: 3 profiles that do not impose any size restrictions

Plywood: 6,5 mm plywood or Conpearl board

Signum: For equipment up to 80kg (depending on case design).

Aluminium profile system: 3 profiles that do not impose any size restrictions

Plywood: 9mm plywood or more (depending on case design)

Signum: For heavier transport, no restrictions

Aluminium profile system: 3 profiles that do not impose any size restrictions

Plywood: min. 6,5mm plywood

Signum: Excellent when open solutions are required, e.g. in constructions where a roll-up ramp is desired.


Plywood: 6.5 & 9mm

Over the years, we have accumulated a wide range of expertise and a variety of solutions for 19″ racks.

Material: Plywood at least 6.5 mm

Signum: 90* corner profiles, classic butterfly lock and ball corners

Material: The case frame is made of 7 mm ConPearl with R11 aluminium profiles all around and specially designed metal fittings.

Signum: Series designed for small production and transport with smaller vehicles.

Nomaden computer trolleys. Storage, charging and transport cabinets for laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

Flexible, durable and easy to transport.

Space for up to 24 computers

Charging cabinet in the carriage

Installed with 220 V soft start to be able to connect to 10 Amp.

Available in three configurations; 8, 12 or 24 computers. All use the same trolley making it possible to expand for more seats.

For 16, 20, 24 or 30 tablets in separate compartments

Charging cabinet in the carriage

Extendable handle and corner wheels for easy movement

Space for 16 units in separate compartments. 

Charging cabinet in the carriage

Installed with 220 V soft start to be able to connect to 10 Amp.

Extendable handle and corner wheels for easy movement


As with all our products, there is the possibility of customisation if the standard solution does not suit your needs.

Contact us for more information.

Inspired by equestrian sports, we have worked with professionals to develop a range of storage and competition cabinets. The cabinets are made from durable Finnish plywood with aluminium profiles and top quality metal fittings.

All models are available with customised screen printing or engraving.

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The convenient and transportable cabinet with room for the essentials (and then some).

Lisette with recessed wheels.


An exclusive and thoughtful cabinet with finesse and stability.

A smaller model with rear corner wheels for easy transport.

The cabinet for the western rider!

The smallest model in the saddle cabinet series.


If you can't find your dream cabinet in our range, maybe it's time for us to make it.

Contact us for more information.

To broaden the product programme and offer a total concept of transport boxes and bags with a high level of quality, we present two different brands of plastic cases.

Of course, with these boxes we also offer our experience in moulding your fittings for the best possible transport solution. A simple lining or a moulded solution allows you to transport your products with ease and safety.

Material: Polypropylene

Signum: Peli Cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs. They are waterproof and have an automatic pressure equalisation valve as standard.

Material: Plastic

Signum: Available in eight affordable and stylish sizes and colours, which can be matched to a profile case for smaller equipment.

Material: In most interiors, we start with Alveo blocks. These can be cut, punched, heat-cut, water-cut or milled. All depending on the product to be protected. In addition to this material, we can offer almost anything you want, our flexibility is unlimited when it comes to fittings for either our cases or a jiffy bag.

We provide a variety of accessories for those who want to build their own or need to update their product. If you are looking for accessories for your 19″ equipment, you will also find this. Pull-out drawers, pull-out discs, basket nuts, etc. We have these in stock.

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- Tell us what you are looking for
- If necessary, send a simple drawing or picture
- We will make a proposal and you will receive a CAD drawing and quote.

We have been working this way since 1976 and over the years our customised solutions have become the core of our business.

Delivery to you from the factory

We deliver the products you order from us from door to door in the fastest possible way.


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