Ever since the first mixer case in 1976, Holmberg Cases has been the leading manufacturer of flight cases in the Nordic market.

Production take place in Haparanda, Sweden, from where we have delivered customised solutions of the highest possible quality for over 40 years.

Our strength lies in being able to offer flight cases manufactured according to the customer’s specifications, regardless of whether this relates to a single product or a large collection. This is possible due to our modern factory with flexible production flow.

The cases are manufactured with a plywood frame reinforced with aluminium profiles and metal fittings. Shock absorbing material is used internally, customised to the customer’s requirements and the shape and appearance of the equipment. Computer-controlled water jet cutting or punching is used to achieve a satisfactory end result.

The broad experience we have collected over the years means that we find solutions to most problems, both in relation to protecting products and combinations of transport protection and flexible product demonstration.

1976 – First flight case manufactured
1980 – Holmberg & Dahlbäck founded with the product name Holmberg Cases
1982 – Moved to new premises, and welcomed the first employees
1984 – Moved to new, bigger premises
1987 – Wholesale company Beslaco Trading founded
1988 – Holmberg Cases AB and its subsidiary Holmberg Cases OY founded. Investment in machinery, which brought CNC technology into production among other things
1991 – Restructuring, and foundation of Holmberg Cases Sweden AB
1996 – The business moved to new premises and the companies Holmberg Cases Sweden AB and Beslaco Trading merged.
1999/2001 – Internal quality system introduced
2004 – Sales office opened in Stockholm
2005 – New investment in CNC technology. First R11 product level took shape
2006 – 30-year anniversary
2007 – Expansion of CNC machinery
2008 – R11 system fully developed across three product levels
2010 – Product groups expanded with Maxado’s models
2011 – SPRINT series presented
2014 – Product groups expanded with the Peli Case range
2016 – 40-year anniversary

Holmberg Cases designs, manufactures and supplies special bags, flight cases, and rack systems that fully satisfy our customers’ requirements for function and design.

To achieve this, we have a wide range of fittings and accessories available.

We also import, distribute and sell components for the manufacture of special cases and flight cases, as well as items from our main suppliers’ product ranges that fit in our range.

The vast majority of the flight cases we manufacture are unique units that are designed based on customer specifications.

We start with the customer’s products and wishes, add our many years of experience and present a solution of HBC quality.

Working in a CAD environment is natural for our day-to-day work, as is our internal quality system which guides each query or order so they are handled in the same way every time.

In order to meet our high requirements for the end product, we ensure that we always use machinery that makes it possible to achieve our goal rationally. We use CNC technology, automatic rivet machines, modern aluminium saws and special machinery for interior materials to manufacture products that withstand heavy handling.

The same consideration to quality also applies with regard to our suppliers and their products. Most of the aluminium profiles we use were specially designed for us, as were a large number of the hardware.

Suppliers who know what we stand for, and supply products based on this include:

Penn-Elcom Hardware etc.
SAPA Aluminium profiles
Koskisen Plywood

Quality policy for Holmberg Cases Sweden AB

We will all work together to make our customers happy and achieve good profitability. These factors allow us to create a good work climate in our company.

In order to achieve this, we need to:

  • meet all customers in a positive manner
  • ascertain the customer’s requirements for the product
  • only use good materials
  • produce good quality in every department
  • aim to do everything correctly from the start
  • refuse to deliver any defective products to the next operation
  • deliver the correct product at the correct time
  • continually work on developing new products and solutions

Holmberg Cases Sweden AB (hereinafter HBC)

HBC protects personal privacy and wants to use this privacy policy to provide information on how we handle personal data. We process personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation and rules for data protection.

HBC is the data controller.

Registered data
Contact information is registered in connection with a query about, quote for or purchase of our products/services.

On initial contact/query, we register the name/company name, organisation number/personal ID number, invoice and delivery address, telephone number and email address.

Personal data are used for administration of ordered products/services.

Personal data are registered in our business system and processed exclusively by HBC.

HBC does not save personal data for any longer than necessary with consideration to the purpose for which they are collected. You can inform us that we need to change or delete data in our register at any time.

HBC has taken all reasonable technical security measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access.

If you have any questions on processing of personal data, please contact us at info@hbc.se

Haparanda, 14 May 2018

1. These terms and conditions are accepted by both parties upon order unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Orders for specially built cases must be accompanied by written measurement information and written order. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring the measurements specified are correct. HBC reserves the right to take partial payment in advance in special circumstances.

3. All drawings and technical documentation for manufacturing goods or parts which are handed to the customer by HBC before or after the end of the agreement remain the property of HBC. The purchaser may not make copies or pass them on to third parties without HBC’s consent.

4. All drawings and technical documentation for manufacturing goods or parts which are handed to HBC by the customer before or after the end of the agreement remain the property of the customer. HBC may not use, make copies or pass them on to third parties without the customer’s consent. This does not apply to publicly available material, such as catalogue information, service manuals, etc.

5. If there are no quality provisions in the purchaser’s order, the order is considered to refer to the standard quality for the ordered product.

6. Quotes issued by HBC are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified. Quotes apply to complete orders. Unless otherwise specified in the quote or order acknowledgement, costs for loading pallets and pallet collars will be added to the quoted price where relevant, and charged separately. Other standard packaging is included in the price.

7. Order acknowledgements for which the customer does not present any comments within five days are considered to be accepted in their entirety.

8. Delivery times specified by HBC in its order acknowledgment refer to delivery from our warehouse no later than the week/day specified. All deliveries are free of charge from our factory in Haparanda unless otherwise agreed.

9. Any returns must be approved by HBC before the goods are returned. Return shipping is paid for by the sender. Returns of specially ordered cases will not be accepted.

10. Payment terms for deliveries are cash on delivery unless otherwise agreed. Credit may be given after the usual checks. With late payment, HBC is entitled to charge interest on late payment at the official discount rate of +8%. Payment must also be made on time if the purchaser has presented a claim against delivery, provided that we have not approved the claim. With a lack of payment, the debt will be passed over to SUNDEA for debt collection. For uncollected parcels/cash on delivery, a charge of SEK 50 will be debited for shipping and handling.

11. The delivered products remain the property of HBC until full payment is made.

12. Any products impaired by material and/or manufacturing faults will be repaired free of charge. A copy of the purchase documentation must be attached. Wheels are not covered by any warranty.

13. HBC’s warranty liability does not include faults as a result of material supplied by the purchaser, or which are due to a design stipulated by the purchaser.


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